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New blog

So this has been actually floating around for a while

Hello there. I’m Kevin Péclet. I’m a small independent developer from Switzerland, who has now been working for about…a year or so on Starfallen (previously known as Otherworld, as my portfolio still currently says at the time of writing this).

It has been a while since I have been cogitating starting a blog, mostly as I never thought that the random ramblings of some nobody who doesn’t aspire much to be more than that (a rather discrete person in the world of independent games developement as well as the internet in general) would interest a lot of people.

But being in this kind of privileged situation also allow me to express a few things, mostly for other people and aspiring devs in situations similar to mine (if you find yourself in a region/country with low game dev presence, you have trouble starting up a project or just don’t know how to start). I also like talking about video games like a huge nerd I guess (ongoing industry stuff, releases, some favourite games of mine) and I will be updating on the random art I do, for myself or projects i’m working on.

I do not know how frequently I will update this. I will make sure though to keep it at least…once a month ? I hope. Also apologies first for any english readers if I do any grammatical or spelling mistakes. Apologies to my francophone friends too, as I won’t be writing these in french.

Feel free to also bother me on twitter (@kpeclet)

H-here I go, I guess !…

-K. P.

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