I have recently decided to open up shop for art commissions !

Here are a few pointers about commissions in general first, before you decide to order:

  • You can ask for anything based on the list of possible drawings below. I will not haggle the prices most of the time, so no use in trying to get cheaper
  • Only one order at a time please ! I still have to do game dev most of the time ! (If you have a friend who wants something, ask them to contact me directly !)
  • Erotica allowed no problem ! (nudity, suggestive poses, NSFW, etc), but no porn, sorry
  • If your character is an original character, please submit a succint visual description and/or visual references if you have any. A bit of backstory is nice too but I don’t need full chapters !
  • Estimated time of completion will be between 2 weeks to a month (depending on amount of work and how many orders). If there is a problem, I will make sure to notify you ! Also please do not send messages asking for updates, you’ll get it when it’s done :)
  • Also sorry, but no touch-ups or modifications once the commission is over. I’ll do my best during the process, I promise ! But if I allow this, I’ll soon be overwhelmed

Anyway, onwards to the listing !

Sketch (Bust)

Price: 10$

Usually sketchy/rough type drawings of just the bust (or head) of a character, in black and white


Sketch (Full Body)

Price: 20$

Full body sketch/rough drawing of a full character, in black and white


Colour art (bust)

Price: 30$

Fully coloured and detailed painting of just the bust/head of a character


Colour Art (Full Body)

Price: 60$ 

Fully coloured and detailed painting of a full character


Colour Art (Full Body + Basic Background)

Price: 90$

Fully coloured and detailed painting, with added ambiant lighting and a simple background


Where can I send an order for a commission ?

You can either send a mail at, or you can also contact me on twitter at @kpeclet

What’s the payment method

I prefer paypal as it’s the most straightforward and secure method.

When do I pay ?

Payment is generally done after agreement on the comission

Can I get a receipt ?

Sure ! Every order comes with one anyway

Are all paintings digital ?

Yep !

What size can I ask for ? I need it for a print/t-shirt/etc

By default I do all my paintings at a fairly high resolution (except maybe bust sketches) but if you have a special demand for the resolution, don’t hesitate to put it in the mail !

So really…no porn ?

Nope. No porn. Nothing against it and I won’t judge at all, but it’s just not something I want to draw for the moment. Sorry !

Are the orders refundable ?

Orders are generally not refundable. If the art is really  not at all like what you asked, I will fully refund you or will repaint it, to your liking

How are the paintings delivered, and in what format 

Usually, through mail ! Either JPG, PNG. I keep the PSDs

How can I use the painting afterwards

The rights of use are yours for personal projects, your tabletop games, your indie project, print it out for a t-shirt, etc. Feel free to credit me, but you’re not obliged to !

However, you are not allowed to use these drawings for commercial use.




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