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Helvetii DevBlog #5: Spring stroll

Hello friends !

Oh gosh, it’s been a month ! My apologies for having basically missed an entry, things have been quite busy here for reasons also unrelated to the game, but things are nicely underway ! I have gone back to the drawing board for a few visual things related to future levels and am currently assigning the specifics to each “room” of the first level in the game.

Also Zelda and Nier: Automata…yeah there was that. (Also, go play Nier: Automata, it’s really good !)

In any case, I did not want to leave you guys with nothing at all for an even longer period of time ! Shame on me ! So I decided to do a little something special and shoot a few vids during my latest reference expedition as I was trying to find some new fresh ideas for my visual designs. Furthermore, near my home are a few remaining roman ruins. A paltry reminder of the region’s past, if we compare to the more significant ruins in other regions of ancient Gaul. Still, since I haven’t been there in years, my memory needed a little exercise.

Bridging the gap

I do these “reconaissance” excursions quite often. Not only as pure research, mind you, but to help myself fight against a particular issue regarding this game.

Looking at these locationsis a good exercise to somehow imagine not only how it was back then, but how I can fill the rest with imagination. How much fantasy I can insert is up to debate as I don’t want it to become a complete fabrication.

Recently, I’ve been having trouble for the visual design of the second level, which does take place near the Geneva lake (or the Leman, as we call it). What type of housing. What type of mood,. What kind of people would live there.

While there is still research to be done, just walking here and there is a good enough exercise to simply”soak-in” the palce internally.

Helvetii is not a historically accurate game. It borrows a lot from the people the places and the myths as well, but still mixes it up to write its own fiction. I hope I can balance both in the end !

(And thanks to my friend Redish Blues for his comfy tunes !)


Helvetii DevBlog #4: The Tatzelwurm

Hello everyone !

I hope you had a good time these last two weeks ! Sorry for being two days late on this one ! I was at GDC for the very first time, and had loads of fun meeting a whole bunch of devs and showing my games around, including Helvetii. There are some very exciting things regarding that which I can’t talk about just yet, but stay tuned either here or on my twitter !

Anyway, this week I thought I’d do a short blog tackling one of the creatures of Helvetii. There are many myths and legends, old and new from which to pick and choose from when making a game about the “local” culture. One of them that sprung almost immediately when I started doing research on this project, especially on native monsters to the alps, was the Tatzelwurm.

The Tatzelwurm in history


“A shepherd in the Innschweiz encounters a Tatzelwurm” (Johann Jakob Scheuchzer, 1723)

There are a few different takes on the origins of the Tatzelwurm, also known as Tatzlwyrm (which roughly translates as “Pawed Worm”). Mostly, it seems that part of its inspiration could be nordic in origin (The lindworms, or wyverns, wingless bipedal dragons. In italian, the Tatzelwurm is named “Basilisk”, a name we are more familiar with in our popular culture).

The general consensus is that the Tatzelwurm roams the mountainous landscapes of the alps (from France to Switzerland and Austria, but several other areas like Germany and Italy are also included). It is described as a large and stubby snake/lizard-like creature, and usually reported to have a round face resembling a cat. Lastly, it is said to be extremely venomous, either through its bite or by toxic fumes accompanying it.

As far as “official” myths being told around Switzerland and our neighbours, the Tatzelwurm is one of the few ones that actually is fairly common (more so in the german speaking parts than here. I had to look up a few cryptozoologists websites to get more information on them). But I had a few testimonies from friends from the east that they did indeed hear of the Tatzelwurm as kids. The game’s very own sound designer, Rahel M., apparently heard it from her grandmother.

The creature keeps being referenced several times throughout the 18th and 19th century when it was even considered fact that it indeed existed.  It appeared in the swiss almanac and there are several statues in Switzerland, Germany and Austria depicting the monster. Even up to very recently, there are reports of sightings of “strange, big lizards” roaming the mountains, either discarded as lost monitor lizards or just fabrications.

One of the most vibrant stories is documented on the cryptid wiki

“The first tale is that of a young girl who was working on a Swiss farm. While chopping down bean poles she accidentally disturbed the burrow of a Tatzelwurm and was attacked. The Tatzelwurm in this account was described as being of a gray coloration and about the size of a common domesticated cat with a fleshy hairless body and possessing only two front legs. According to the story the Tatzelwurm glared at the girl and she ran away describing big bright eyes to intense to meet.”

The existence of the creature was never truly proven. The believers would say that it went extinct a long time ago. Others theorize that the Tatzelwurm is in fact a variant of some rare salamander like the Gila Monster (however the Gila Monster is not really native to the alps, bur rather South America. But it would explain the venomous fumes of the Tatzelwurm, as the Gila monster is extremely venomous). In any case, some of the folk still believe to see odd, slinky creatures moving along the mountain crevices, and preying on their livestock.

The Tatzelwurm in Helvetii


The TatzelWurm (Concept Art)

It was fairly obvious that the Tatzelwurm would be featured in Helvetii due to how iconic this monster is, even amongst other cultures. The awkwardness of how this creature was “composed” made it a pretty interesting challenge to try and come up with a design.Most of the elements gathered from the different stories were kept (stubby lizard body, cat face) but with an added sinister tone of “decay” as to fit most of the visual of helvetii.

Helvetii has a lot of visuals that represent overgrowth and the implacability of nature at that time. A lot of the creatures encountered are being ruthlessly taken over by an ever-so wild force, and at the height of its strangeness lies the Tatzelwurm. An absurd creature the size of a cow, which despite its grotesque appearance is a frightening foe.

A living carcass being kept away from death by unspeakable sources, the Tatzelwurm relentlessly hunts for food, only to be kept hungry by a cruel twist of fate. Its pale, slithering skin dotted with patches of dark fur flashes only for a moment before it rushes its prey. And while its strength might not kill you outright, the toxic fumes that accompanies it will make short work of most who try to defy it on its turf.

The Tatzelwurm will probably one of the first animated bosses to be in the alpha of the game, so look forward to see more of our slittery friend in action !

Anyway, that’s it for this week’s devblog, shorter than the others but sometimes you gotta keep it nice and short ! See you in two weeks for more information about the world !

Helvetii Dev Blog #1

Good evening/Morning good people !

I decided to dust off this old blog and portfolio (don’t wander too far, you’l l see a LOT of old stuff…I’ll probably have to update the rest of all that as well soon !) to write the first out of hopefully many devblogs for my current projects.

And if you’ve been following me on twitter (which this is where you probably come from since i’ll link this there later), you’re probably aware of what I’ve been working since the end of summer 2016. I have been posting since pretty regular updates (except for end of december as I had to know…attend festivities. Also because I had to work on side stuff). But now with the current switch to the final engine, I thought it would be a good time to formally introduce myself and my project, “Helvetii” to all ya’ll.


Divico, main character of Helvetii


SO ! First off, hi everyone ! My name is Kevin Péclet, as you probably kinda guessed already from this website. I’m from Switzerland, and have been doing art stuff for about 10 years, and gamedev stuff for about 5. I have been working on several small things, my biggest project to day is the still-in-development game  Starfallen, as well as the smaller but equally as fulfilling Splash Blast Panic. Both projects have been incredibly fulfilling and taught me a lot about game development through the years. I also participated in a bunch of game jams (finished my 5th global game jam just yesterday) and also just draw random stuff from big nerd fantasy stuff to weebtrash like the garbage human being I am.

However, for a while I have been yearning to accomplish a project of my own vollition and who would come from my own inspirations. Like probably everyone who is into game dev, I sit on a lot of projects in my mind from horror to RPGs and more casual, fun stuff. But of all of them, the one that spurred me on into action is this action game, now called Helvetii, about Helvetian/Gaulish mythology.

Now I won’t go into the fine details and tech specifics of what Helvetii is just yet (I’m saving this for future dev blogs) but to give you a broad image: It was born of both my love of 2d action games, especially the kinds done by Vanillaware (Dragon’s Crown, Muramasa Rebirth and recently the great remaster of Odin Sphere), but also a will to explore a specific setting and mythology I think is still pretty absent from popular culture in general.

Years ago, in fact at one of the first swiss-french dev meeting we had when the dev scene started to grow around here, we jokingly talked about what type of “Swiss inspired” game we could make. The suggestion was mostly to make a point of our usually not-so-exportable-culture. Orson Welles in Citizen Kane said ” In Switzerland, they had brotherly love, they had five hundred years of democracy and peace – and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock.” An exageration of course, but still not that far from the truth. Even most of us natives don’t bring up our own mythology and culture that much. Most of what comes to mind are cows, edelweisses, cheese with holes and an unhealthy sense of superiority to all our respective language-neighbours.

However, the idea kinda stuck with me, and I got more into it and thought back to what is technically not “Swiss” history but gaulish. The Helvetians, a tribal group of gaulish warriors who once tread the lands before us, way before the grütli.  The interesting thing to me is that there isn’t much that we know or associate with in our modern culture about the Helvetii tribes.  There are few stories and fewer notable characters and in our history classes, the roman era is usually quickly glazed over before the teacher eagerly presses on to the actual creation of what is Switzerland today, which is more teutonic in heritage than Gaulish if you look at its core (until the western cantons started to join at least).

Even moreso, gaulish and celtic mythology as a whole is not incredibly present in the video game landscape. For all our love for nordic, japanese, general medieval or even slavic culture in our artform, the Gauls are seldom remembered. Henceforth, my itty brain starts to work. I also take the time to set foot again in libraries and ask my old economics teacher for books about pre-roman helvetian mythology and the game starts forming in my mind.

That was about…3 years ago.



First sketches of Divico, back in 2013. Way scrawnier back then than he is now

You can guess it took me a while to actually get ready to tackle such a project which I thought was important to me. Work finally started around august 2016 while I was at Gamescom presenting Splash Blast Panic. Since then, work has been going steadily and I even have a small prototype made on Clickteam fusion as to just give me a cleared idea of the direction I wanted to go in. You probably saw several updates of this on twitter, and you can even check some of it on my youtube channel right here.

Today, I now have a programmer at my side and have moved on to Unity and production in earnest has started (while I really love Clickteam fusion, and all my love to the team and I have high hopes for 3.0, I needed a more advanced engine). With this, let me detail what are the plans for this year when it comes to Helvetii, starting with the immediate future.


The whole game is now being made in Unity which was a good middle ground in terms of tech and accessibility for a 2D game, considering I work with the incredibly talented Nils Ole Timm from Starfallen who I shall introduce in a next blog very soon. While the code has to be made from scratch as none of the work from CTF is usable, the art is already there for the most part for a functional game, which means it should take a short time to actually have the game running on its new legs, with improvements. This will also allow me to devote more time on the art and design, which are more of my domains than coding.  Coding aside, I am also getting in talks for music, sound and possibly marketing in the future, with already some leads. I know it’s usually an annoying part for most indie devs but I wish to be prepared this time around.

I am still hesitating to release the prototype of the CTF project (as really it’s a visual showcase more than anything else). But if people are really interested in the future, it would be fun to just release it as is in all its jankyness just for an early look. At least, I would like to share it with some of the Clickteam community, also to show what is possible with what some people would call a weak engine.

I am not gonna give an exact estimate of when we’ll be able to see Helvetii again in a playable state, but hopefully end of winter or early spring is easily a possibility (don’t forget we are doing this with no money and on our free time).

Which leads us to


The semi-short term plan is to have Helvetii ready FAST.  At least in a playable demo state with all the core elements of gameplay ready.

If my previous projects in game dev taught me anything, it’s that taking too long can absolutely kill your endurance and interest in your own work . Making games is not necessarily hard most of the time as it is time and mind consuming, even when it is your favourite pet project ever. Hence why the prototype was also made before moving into actual productions: to already have assets and a design ready to go before getting into it, allowing us to work faster.

All in all, this mindset should allow the game to be already in a good playable state by the time big conventions like Gamescom, Pax West and TGS bring their heads up. Hopefully I get to show it there ! But most of all, I am excited to share this universe which I hope to make unique in its own way.

Anyway, I know this is kinda unrelatable to most people, but finally, let’s talk about


A scene from the Clickteam Fusion prototype


The immediate work is gonna focus on bringing in more assets like enemies, backgrounds, and finalizing everything for the core gameplay. But there’s also gonna be quite a bit of research on mythology and lore which I already have been doing for some time now.  Interestingly enough, there is a lot of overlap between gaulish, celtic and even indian (as in, from india) culture. So I will start introducing those starting with the next blog, as well as an introduction of my partner in crime Nils Ole Timm ! I will also quickly start detailing the gameplay mechanics of this action game.What I can say right now, is that it’ll be an “Action Roguelite game” (and for those sighing at roguelite, WAIT WAIT DON’T GO YET PLEASE IT’S GONNA BE GREAT, THE GREATEST)

Expect me to write two of these blogs of month (not always this long tho cuz I’m a lazy cupcake sometimes) However, expect a faster pace for the first ones as there is a lot of ground to cover with what’s already been done. And I do take feedback through my twitter constantly so if you have any particular interest about the game, let me now !

As for tonight, that’ll be all from me and I hope you enjoyed my ramblings, and my occasional spelling mistakes. This type of communication is all new to me, and I hope we’ll all enjoy this ride together as I try, first and foremost, to make a game that will inspire ya’ll and make you have fun, as well as discover some new things from a small dev in a small, boring country that makes coockoo clocks

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